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10 Benefits of CND Shellac

1. Glossy shine for 14 days wear!

The big advantage of Shellac is that lasts up to two weeks. The lacquer is cured under a LED lamp. For a strong, scratch-free, flawless result.

2. Quick and simple

The treatment does not take longer than half an hour. We first get the nails in the correct shape and then paint them in the desired color. 2 minutes under the LED lamp and a glossy top layer and you are good to go!

3. Beautiful Colours

CND Shellac has over a 100 colours. Choosing is another whole job with so many beautiful colours.

4. Great for pedicure

Shellac is not only very beautiful on fingernails. Your feet will brighten it too. We also put on Shellac on toenails.

5. No drying time

You can immediately apply your coat, tie laces, and close your buttons without damaging the nail polish.

6. Also for gel and acrylic nails

Would you like to have your gel or acrylic nails for more than two weeks with a glossy beautiful nail polish? Shellac is also very suitable for gel or acrylic nails.

7. Hypoallergenic

Shellac contains less allergens. Therefore, the risk of an allergic reaction is small.

8. Protection 

Shellac offers the nails a natural protective layer.

9.Quick and easy to remove

Have you looked forward to the color after a week? Or would you rather choose that other color? You do not see this Shellac layer for two weeks. We can get the nail polish off again. For this we do not have to use a file. Your nails stay quite alright. Within 8 minutes we clean them.

10. Just relax

Sit back, we’ll make sure your nails look amazing. The treatment of your nails works relaxing. Have fun and come home with beautiful hands.

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