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Nude, red or dark? How to choose your Shellac polish colour?

With so many CND Shellac colour options to pick from, choosing a color to wear for 2 weeks can be difficult. Make the process easier by choosing colors that complement your skin’s natural tones, wearing the best color for the occasion, and using color to express your mood. 

First time Shellac Treatment?

Are you going to have you nails polished with Shellac for the first time? Go for your “comfort zone” nail colors. You can never go wrong with a nude or a soft, pastel pink nail colour! Or classic red. It’s a color that will flatter everyone, even those with light skin tones. Shellac Amsterdam


If you are choosing a color for the summer holidays than you could pick something colourful and brighter like. Match your mani colour to you destinations. Perfect CND summer colours: Sparks Fly, Aqua-intance, Sun Bleached or Banana Clips. 


What are your favourite colours for work? If your job includes heading to a formal workplace every day, then you probably have to follow a professional dress code. So what are the most work-appropriate nail polish colours that match every office-outfit?

1. Classic Red 

2. Bordeaux Red

2. Nude nail polish.

3. Grey nail polish.

Shellac Amsterdam


As bride you want everything to compliment each other. For your wedding day is good to choose a shellac color that makes you feel confident and fits with your personal aesthetic. One popular option is to stick with pretty and soft neutrals. Nude and pastel colours blend in and are always harmonious, classic and chic. 




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